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Terms and Condition

 These terms & conditions are designed to ensure there is no confusion about what our service includes and excludes and to ensure safe transit of your goods. If you are unclear about any element, please contact us for clarification.  These terms & conditions may be changed with the agreement of both the customer and Zed Link. Please notify us if you wish to make any changes at the time of booking but before submitting your deposit. By confirming a booking with Zed Link. you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. You hereby agree and confirm that you are either:
  • the owner of the goods; and/or
  • are duly authorised by the owner or owners of the goods to enter into this contract on these terms and conditions for and on behalf of the owner(s).
  You shall be responsible for any losses, expenses, or other costs incurred by us which are caused by an untrue statement made deliberately by you; and/or the ownership not being true.It is your sole responsibility to
  • Declare to us the proper value of the Goods.
  • Obtain at your expense all documents necessary for the removal to be completed.
  • Be present yourself or appoint a representative at the departure and destination points to ensure that nothing is removed or left in error or is left in the wrong room.
  • Prepare adequately and stabilise all appliances prior to their removal.
  Other than by reason of our negligence we will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from any of these matters Quotation  Our quotation is for a fixed price for the work presented.  It is based on our contracting to remove the goods. We may change the price or make additional charges if circumstances are found to apply which have not been taken into account when preparing our quotation and confirmed by us in writing.  These include:
  • You do not accept our quotation within 28 days or the work is not carried out or completed within 3 months.
  • Our costs change because of changes in taxation or freight charges beyond our control.
  • The work is carried out on a weekend or public holiday or outside normal hours (08.00-18.00) at your request.
  • We have to collect or deliver goods at your request above the ground floor and first upper floor.
  • If you collect some or all of the goods from our warehouse, we are entitled to make a charge for handing them over.
  • We supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
  • The stairs, lifts or doorways are inadequate for free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the road, approach, or drive is unsuitable for our vehicle to load and/or unload within 20 metres of the doorway.
  • We have to pay parking or other fees or charges in order to carry out services on your behalf.
  • There are delays or events outside our  reasonable control which increase or extend the resources or time allowed to complete the agreed work.
  We agree in writing to increase our limit of liability. In any such circumstances, adjusted charges will apply and become payable.Goods that we will not accept for removal  We will happily remove most items that you may wish to submit for removal. However, we are unable in the normal course of business to accept any of the following types of items:
  • Any living thing, including any animals, birds, fish and plants;Any goods that are likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation;
  • Any goods that require a special licence;Any goods that require government permission to import or export;
  • Any food and/or drink that is, or needs to be, refrigerated or frozen;
  • Any drugs;
  • Any stolen or prohibited or illegal goods;
  • Any goods that are potentially dangerous, explosive or otherwise liable to cause damage. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, ammunition, paints, aerosols, gas bottles and canisters;
  • Any jewellery, including trinkets and watches, and precious stones or metals or items made from precious metals or including precious stones;
  • Any money, securities, financial or legal documents, including but not limited to share certificates and leases;
  • Any collections of stamps, coins or other similar collectable items.
  • Any cars, boats, caravans.
  If we do agree to accept such items for removal or storage then we shall not be liable for any loss or damage that occurs due to the special nature or sensitivities of the goods involved. Other than this exclusion we remain liable for other losses as we would under the balance of this contract.  If such items are removed by us without our knowledge and written agreement to do so then we shall not be liable for any loss or damage to those items whatsoever including but not limited to that occurring due to the special nature or sensitivities of the goods involved. Furthermore in such circumstances you shall be responsible for any losses, expenses, or other costs incurred by us which are caused by the special nature of the items in question, such as but not limited to clean up costs and damage to other goods.
What we will do 
 We shall:
  • pack the goods, if requested and if we have agreed to do so;
  • remove them at the agreed time and date and deliver to the delivery address;
  • unpack them, if requested and if we have agreed to do so;
  We shall at all times care for the goods whilst they are in our custody and control showing all reasonable care in the circumstances. We furthermore will endeavour to act and undertake our obligations at all times in a professional manner.   We hold insurance, with a specialist insurer, to cover our potential liability to you for loss or damage to your goods or for losses arising from delay upto the level of liability under this contract. The insurance is subject to terms and policy excess. What we will not do  There are certain things that we do not do and which are not covered under this contract. They are:
  • dismantling or assembling flat pack furniture, or a property’s fitments or fittings;
  • disconnecting or reconnecting any equipment or appliances;
  • securing or preparing for transit, as necessary, equipment or appliances, such as but not limited to securing washing machine drums;
  • taking up or laying fitted floor coverings of any kind;
  • removing storage heaters unless they are already disconnected and adequately dismantled;
  • move any item or items which our removal crew reasonably believe they cannot move safely or the removal of which may damage the item or items in question or its or their surroundings.

  Our staff are not authorised or qualified to carry out such work. We recommend that a proper qualified person be separately employed by you to carry out these services. We do not arrange insurance to cover your goods. We are unable to offer this service due to FSA regulation on the sale of insurance.Postponements/Cancellations  If you postpone or cancel this contract we may charge according to how much notice you provide prior to the agreed removal date:
  • Between: 1-2 days: 20% of the total removal charges.
  • Less than 24 hours: 50% of the total removal charges.

Payment of Charges  Unless you have our written agreement to the contrary you must pay our charges so we have cleared funds prior to the delivery of your goods. Unless we agree otherwise, you may not withhold any part of the agreed price. Interest at 2% per month calculated on a daily basis, is charged on all overdue accounts.  We reserve the right to terminate this contract if payment is not received before the removal date, and not to carry out any services quoted for. Failure to comply with our payment terms will also mean that the Goods are not insured.Our liability for loss or damage  Restricted liability  If you do not provide us with a declaration of value of your goods or you do not require us to accept Regular Liability, then in the event that we lose or damage your goods through our negligence or our breach of contract, we will pay you up to a maximum of £50.00 sterling for each item which is lost or damaged, to cover the cost of repairing or replacing that item. In this respect an item is defined as any one article, suite, pair, set, complete case, package, carton or other container.   We may choose to repair or replace the damaged or lost item. However if we choose the repair the item we will not be liable for any depreciation in value.  Other than because of our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to deliver the goods if it is caused by any of the following circumstances:
  • Fire howsoever caused.
  • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, terrorism, rebellion and/or military coup, act of God, industrial action or other such events outside our reasonable control.
  • Normal wear and tear, natural or gradual deterioration, leakage or evaporation or from perishable or unstable goods. This includes goods left within furniture or appliances. 
  • Cleaning, repairing or restoring unless we did the work.
  • Moth or vermin or similar infestation.
  • Electrical or mechanical derangement to any appliance, instrument or equipment unless there is evidence of external impact.

  Additionally we will not be liable for any loss of or damage to:
  •  Any goods in wardrobes, drawers or appliances, or in a package, bundle, case or other container not both packed and unpacked by us.
  • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of a similar kind, unless you have previously given us full information including value, and we have confirmed in writing that we will accept responsibility 
  • Goods which have a relevant proven defect or are inherently defective.
  • Animals and their cages or tanks including pets, birds or fish.
  • Plants.
  • Refrigerated or frozen food or drink.
  • Other than because of our negligence, we will not be liable for damages or costs resulting indirectly from, or as a consequence of loss, damage, or failure to deliver the goods.

  Regular Liability 
  • If you provide us with a declaration of the value of your goods and you agree to pay an additional charge the amount of our liability to you will be as follows:
  • In the event of loss or damage caused by our negligence or breach of contract, our liability to you will be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of their repair or replacement, taking into account the age and condition of the goods immediately prior to their loss or damage but subject to a maximum liability of £10,000 (unless we have agreed a higher amount with you).
  • Where the lost or damaged item is part of a pair or a set, our liability to you, where it is assessed to be the cost of replacement of that item, it is to be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of that item in isolation, not the cost of that item as part of a pair or set. 

Delays in transit 

  We shall only be liable for damage to premises caused by our negligence. Any damages to premises must be noted on the delivery receipt and confirmed in writing to us within seven days unless you request a reasonable extension which we agree in writing.
Time limits for claims

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